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Monday, 1 February 2016

Saturday 27th August - The Alexander Aperture

The Alexander Aperture

I’m very pleased to announce details of a new trip which will take us back to travel on eight different Olympians from the substantial fleet of E&M Horsburgh, Livingston on Saturday 27th August. This trip is being jointly operated by the Leyland Olympians Yahoo group along with Russell and Nigel Kirk. This trip will have a heavier focus on the photography element and an itinerary has been written which includes a generous time allowance at each photo stop but each vehicle will be taken out for a run away from the depot- distances vary between 6.5 mile runs and a 34.2 mile trip. We have requested the use of eight different vehicles; you will notice that only seven vehicles are listed below- an eighth vehicle will be chosen on the day dependant on vehicle repaints during the summer holiday break.

Ex Lothian Alexander bodied Leyland Olympians G342CSG, G803GSX, G831GSX, K877CSF; ex Stagecoach A1 Service Alexander bodied Volvo Olympians N852VHH, N854VHH; ex Stagecoach United Counties Alexander bodied Volvo Olympian S761DRP.

Our day will start at the Horsburgh depot in Livingston at 0930, this is located in Naysmith Square on the Houstoun Industrial Estate to the East of Livingston and can be located using postcode EH54 5GG. If you are arriving by car please park responsibly somewhere on this light industrial estate close to but not obstructing the depot entrance and wait near the depot entrance for us to emerge. This is just over 20 mins walk from Uphall railway station BUT if you wish to be picked up from Uphall station we can do so by request as we pass close to the station on our first run out. To request this pick-up please e-mail me or contact 07775916889 prior to 0930 on the morning.

The second pick-up will be outside Haymarket railway station at 1020, we will stop on Haymarket Terrace at the bus stop right next to the Haymarket tram stop where buses towards the Airport and Glasgow would stop. We will await the arrival of the 1013 train from Birmingham via Crewe and Preston or arrange an alternative pick-up later on from Uphall station for passengers off that train if it’s significantly delayed.

During the day we will have a chance to look around the depot to see and photograph the rest of the buses in the fleet and for that part of the day hi-viz vests/clothing will be compulsory and passengers without a hi-viz will have to remain outside the depot for that part of the itinerary. The vehicles listed are subject to availability and a suitable similar substitution may be made on the day at our discretion. A lunch break of around 50 minutes will be taken in Bathgate and the drop-offs will be made at Haymarket railway station at 1820 and back at the depot at 1855, we can trim part of the itinerary on the last bus to ensure those times are made.

The fare for this trip is set at £20 for all passengers, the usual policy of reducing that price if sufficient passengers attend still applies but low passenger attendance on previous trips to Scotland makes that highly unlikely.

You don't need to pre-book or reserve a place, simply turn up on the day, hop on the bus and your friendly conductor will collect your fare during the journey. There is no requirement to be a member of any particular group or society to join this trip, nor do you require an invitation to join us. Our trip is a private hire and the operator will NOT be able to answer any questions or enquiries- if you require any further information or you have any questions please e-mail one me at chrismartin13601 (at) and I will be happy to help.

We sincerely look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on this trip, please forward this message onto anyone else who you think may be interested and please cut and paste into other news groups or regional facebook groups if you think it might interest their members.

Chris Martin, Russell Kirk and Nigel Kirk.