Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The Aintree Assortment

This trip is being advertised here on behalf of Bus Running Days, although it contains no Olympians there is a wide variety of vehicles which may appeal to readers of this site.

On Saturday Saturday 3rd June 2017, Aintree Coachlines will be hosting a charity bus running day.The day will start with a pick up from outside Liverpool Lime Street railway station at 10:30am and we will be aiming to return everyone back to the railway station for 17:30 approximately.

For a full days travel on board this running day the fare has been set at an amazing £10 per person which will be donated to charity.

During this running day, we will be aiming to use a selection of double decker buses from the following:

Dennis Arrow R55ACL
Dennis Trident V532ESC, V533ESC, V537ESC, V539ESC, V137MEV, W5ACL, X5ACL, X367NNO, X378NNO, LK03GHH, AW04XCK, SN58CDK
Volvo B7TL X111ACL, X929YCC
BCI Enterprise XL66ACL

During this event we will be visiting both the Aintree Coachlines and the Helms of Eastham premises.

All advertised vehicles are subject to on the day and we hope to see as many of you as possible during this running day.

If you have any questions about this running day, please send them by email to and do not contact Aintree Coachlines as they will be unable to assist you.