Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Saturday 20th May - The Lomond Lollop

The Lomond Lollop

We are pleased to announce a new tour which will see us visit the fleet of McColls based near Dumbarton on Saturday 20th May. This trip is operated by Nik Anthony and the plan has been devised to allow us to enjoy journeys on two freshly reliveried Volvo Olympians from their school contract fleet as well as covering many roads around this highly scenic part of the country which rarely, if ever, see scheduled double deck operation. The date has been chosen to complement the Lathalmond spring running day which takes place the following day enabling passengers from further afield to combine the two events for a weekend in the region.

We are only able to use tachograph fitted vehicles so the trip will be operated using ex Dublin Bus Volvo Olympians R923SSA (ex 98-D-20408) and T874EGD (ex 99-D-541).  

There will be two pick-ups on this trip, the first will be at 09:30 outside Dumbarton Central Railway Station in Station Road which is located on the South side of the railway line. This vehicle will then undertake a substantial tour of the area taking in the shoreline of Loch Lomond as we head up to Luss before coming back and crossing the Clyde via the Erskine Bridge on our way to Bishopton. This vehicle will make a second pick up at 13:00 in the same location outside Dumbarton Central Railway station and complete a short local tour before taking us back to the depot for a break and to change vehicles. The second vehicle will take us up into the stunning Loch Lomond area for our afternoon’s travels and will drop off in Dumbarton at around 1800. During each run we will stop two or three times somewhere suitable to allow passengers to photograph the vehicle and there will be time to see and photograph the other vehicles in the fleet at the depot.

The fare for the entire day of travelling is £20 for all passengers joining at 09:30, this is reduced to just £12 for all passengers joining at 13:00- you will still ride both vehicles if you join at 13:00. You don't need to pre-book or reserve a place, simply turn up on the day, hop on the bus and your friendly conductor will collect your fare during the journey. There is no requirement to be a member of any particular group or society to join this trip, nor do you require an invitation to join us. Our trip is a private hire and the operator will NOT be able to answer any questions or enquiries- if you require any further information or you have any questions please e-mail us at chrismartin13601 (at) or nik280 (at) (substitute the correct @ symbol!). Please don’t contact the operator directly as they will not be able to answer your enquiry.

We may be able to arrange alternative pick-up and drop off points (but NOT at the same place) as both vehicles pass near railway stations, the first bus will pass close to Bishopton station at around 1200 and the second bus will pass through Balloch at around 1500 but you must e-mail us to discuss your requirements unless you intend to join in Dumbarton.

I sincerely look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on this trip, please forward this message onto anyone else who you think may be interested and please cut and paste into other news groups if you think it might interest their members.

Chris Martin and Nik Anthony


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