Saturday, 13 January 2018


Bert’s Hong Kongers - Saturday 7th April

Thanks to all who came along and supported this trip. We are sorry that mainly due to circumstances outside our control this trip was cut short, obviously there were elements of the trip which didn't go as planned. The trip was described by some as 'exciting' which is a positive spin on a very difficult day- our usual aim is a well executed trip where all the wheels stay on the ground! We hope the difficulties we encountered will not put you off attending one of the future trips elsewhere.

If you missed out on a leaflet owning to the trip being more heavily attended than we had anticipated please e-mail chrismartin13601 (at) and I will e-mail you a PDF version for you to print at home.

A reminder that there are two more trips on the horizon;

Saturday 5th May there is a Leyland Olympians Yahoo Group trip which is back to the old format of getting as many vehicles as we can sensibly fit into the day; although each one will take a different route this isn't intended as a route coverage trip and the routes taken are simple routes as the prime focus will be riding on up to seven different Olympians during the day.

Saturday 12th May there is a Nik Anthony trip aiming to traverse some of the lesser covered roads around Leicestershire and beyond; just three vehicles are undertaking longer runs around the region which will allow fans of the Olympian to enjoy riding on them but the prime focus is the road coverage element.

Chris Martin
Nik Anthony


  1. are we gonna need hi-viz. this is my first tour and im looking forward to it

  2. Always handy to have a hi-viz with you on such trips but you shouldn't need one on this occasion. Look forward to seeing you!

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