Previous Trips

On our first 35 trips we used an incredible 170 different Leyland Olympians, 3 Leyland Tigers (code in listing-LT), 2 Leyland Atlanteans (code in listing -LA), 1 Bedford YMT (code in listing -BY), 4 Bristol VRs (code in listing -VR), 1 Leyland Titan (code in listing- TI), 26 Volvo Olympians (code in listing- VO) and 2 Volvo Citybuses (code in listing- VC) - how many did you go on?!

“The Confidence Olympians”- 16/05/2009. Featured EEH903Y, A139SMA, C71CHM, UWW9X, E157OMD, AEF224Y, CUD221Y, B190BLG.

“The Happy Dragon” -  05/09/2009. Featured A149UDM, C257UAJ, A148UDM. Note- A646OCX and A654OCX were also available on City Sightseeing at a special cheap fare for tour participants.

"The Confidential Return” - 13/03/2010. Featured UWW10X, BBW216Y, VJO205X, JFR12W, UWW8X, A502EJF, A139SMA

“Not The Johnson’s VR Running Day” – 01/05/2010. Featured C672LJR (now UJT366), WDL694Y, C171ECK, C665LJR, A697DDL, B535WAT, B744GCN, A133SMA

“The Heyfordian Highlights” – 24/07/2010. Featured C266XEF (now 7209RU), E153OMD, C265XEF (now 7298RU), B245NVN (now 7958NU), B253PHN (now 8216FN)

“Johnson’s Special Stuff”- 16/10/2010. Featured B503FFW, A531OKH, B516UWW, C536DAT, B742GCN, B533WAT, A530OKH, B534WAT

“Moxon’s Mixture” - 26/02/2011. Featured E917DRD (now 166YHK), C649LFT, D375XRS (now D384XAO), D192FYM, D188FYM, C55CHM, K133DAO

“The Essex Explorer” - 02/04/2011. Featured YPJ503Y (now HSB312Y), FWL778Y, FWL781Y, C205GTU, B693BPU

“The Replacement Royal Wedding” - 29/04/2011. Featured C658LJR, C332HWJ, C661LJR, A702DDL (now A295FDL), OWG607X, B736GCN, A532OKH

“Back to Black” - 18/06/2011. Featured CUD221Y, XWY476X, LA BFS44L (now DSX87L), AEF224Y, UWW10X, LT A127EPA (now DCZ2317), LT A118PBW, B187BLG

“Leylands in Leyland” - 10/09/2011. Featured H561GKX (now PBV779), E222WBG, G361YUR (now MIL9576), D261FUL (now A19HWD), G366YUR (now YXI7923), H559GKX (now H2HWD)

“Ford’s Far Flung Finder” – 08/10/2011. Featured C105CHM, C44CHM, FS6392 (now L808SNO), A990XAF, K357DWJ, VO S300XHK, C118CHM

“Simmond’s Selection” – 22/10/2011. Featured ET1163 (now H764KDY), B262LPH, EF6118 (now G283YRJ), EWW546Y, B668EWE, A578NWX, EWW550Y, F244YTJ

“Johnson’s Variety Pack” – 19/11/2011. Featured G213SSL, VR ODL662R, B535WAT, VR UDL668S, B735GCN, G804SMV, K355DWJ

“Oxfordshire Odyssey” - 10/03/2012. Featured B739GCN, B255RAJ (now 8548VF), VO P421KSX, VO 97-D-340 (now P568SWC)

“The Trent Traveller” – 28/04/2012. Featured J864TSC, C718LTO, G535VBB, C719LTO, K894CSF, VO P260PSX, C720NNN, K883CSF

“A List Of Lothians”- 19/05/2012. Featured A736YFS, B767GSC, C776SFS, C780SFS, C781SFS, C782SFS, E316MSG, C786SFS

“Black Goes Forth”- 09/06/2012. Featured B190BLG, B189BLG, C71CHM, LT C27ECW (now MJI7846), UWW8X, EEH904Y, BBW216Y

“The Alpine Advantage” – 30/06/2012. Featured A646OCX, A698DDL, A648OCX, C670GET, B153TRN, B910ODU, B155TRN, PFM129Y (now HBA278Y)

“The Linburg Liaison” – 22/09/2012. Featured F513NJE (now OUI4770), H130FLX (now OUI4774), ER9371 (now IIG7842), A158OFR (now OUI8977), C669GET (now BUI471), F517NJE (now OUI6276)

“The Orange Orientals” – 13/10/2012. Featured G365YUR, VO M529RHG, EW9231 (now J167UNH), BY RGV690W, EF3592 (now H604LNA), VO M530RHG, EL7976 (now BIG6885)

"The Notts Nicker" - 24/11/2012. Featured B738GCN, VR VHB679S (now MIW2422), A133SMA, LA UHG353Y, C665LJR, C171ECK, G511SFT, B744GCN 

"The Beast From The East" - 30/03/2013. Featured H816CBP, FC8014 (now  BIG8728), H815CBP, C61CHM, H819CBP, VO R156VPU, F602MSL, J623GCR, H818CBP

“The Johnson’s Jewels”- 18/05/2013. Featured B736GCN, A697DDL, C332HWJ, B533WAT, G864XDX, VR PKE810M, F708SDL

“The Alpine Allegiance” -  08/06/2013. Featured A685MWX, B197DTU, B155TRN, B662CET, B153TRN, A646OCX, B911ODU.

"The Beds Berts" - 06/07/2013. Featured FS5383 (now L735SNO), VO R123EVX, B740GCN, J565HAT, K578RRH, B746GCN, FS6384 (now L736SNO).

"The Fair Busway Rider" - 16/11/2013. Featured C613LFT, VO R272LGH, C661LFT, C643LFT, VO R339LGH. This was a jointly run trip with East Coast Regional Tours.

"The Durham Dual" - 26/04/2014. Featured J852TSC, VO N849VHH, A105FPL (now A207BBD), TI A845SUL, VO R263LGH, VO R392LGH, VO P818SGP, VO R554LGH. This was a jointly run trip with Jeff Tattersall.

"The Eagle's Triumph" - 17/05/2014. Featured G814GSX, G826GSX, G827GSX, G829GSX, VO R902JDV, VO R640OVN, VO P341ROO.

"The Lincs To Humber Way" - 21/06/2014. Featured VO P683SVL, VC F111XCW, H115SAO, J209WFR, VC F109XCW, H118SAO, H197WFR. This was a jointly run trip with East Coast Regional Tours.

"The Sherwood Seduction" - 30/05/2015. Featured B741GCN, A702DDL (now A295FDL), G762UYT, WDL694Y, C171ECK, L826BKK, C672LJR (now UJT366).

"The Black Magic Assortment" - 26/09/2015. Featured XWY476X, UWW9X, VO 99-D-557 (now T308YAW), E157OMD, D137FYM, A139SMA, UWW8X.

"The Weekend Warrior" - 21/05/2016. Featured C658LJR, B516UWW, H807XMY, C536DAT, A531OKH, G102AAD, B735GCN.

"The Alexander Aperture" - 27/08/2016. Featured G803GSX, VO N854VHH, G342CSG, G831GSX, VO S761DRP, E321MSG, VO N852VHH, VO M203VSX, K877CSF. This was a jointly run trip with Russell and Nigel Kirk.

"The Thame Time Traveller" - 05/05/2018. Featured DD4385 (now TIL6571), VO L952MSC, BMN88G (now F845ENV), VO M225VSX, H809AGX, DD3601 (now TIL6573), DJ3850 (now TIL6572).